Meme Collectors Are Using The Blockchain To Keep Rare Pepes Rare

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28 Jul 2017.

The Evolution of Cryptocurrency Visuals, Memes, and Bitcoin Street Art.

to keep finding ways of mashing them together,” explains Phneep.

Since last year the Rare Pepe community has created a large assortment of collectible.

Images via Cryptograffiti, Art for Crypto, Block Bills, Phneep, the Rare.

11 May 2018.

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He left her his calligraphy pen and asked her to keep it safe for him until he.

DJ Pepe is a crypto collectible rare Pepe meme certified by the Rare Pepe Foundation.


The "rare digital art" auction sold a "Rare Pepe" trading card for 350000 in PepeCash, or $39000, showcasing the value of blockchain-based art markets.

Pepe the Frog became a beloved meme of the so-called alt-right during the.

With the Homer Pepe's sale, the "trading card" seems part collectible and.

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